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Recently, I joined a facebook group that’s goal is to become a minimalist. The group is based on the mins game from “The Minimalist” where you purge the number of items based on the day of the month. For instance, on the 13 th day, you would purge 13 items. It would be a total of 465 items at the end of the month based on a 30 day month.

I joined the group on November 3rd, 2013. I quickly caught up since I had only missed 2 days. So, I needed to purge 6 items that day.

I had done some extensive remodeling in the prior year and had donated, sold, trashed many items already being somewhat lean starting out. As I had already welcomed being a minimalist I aspired to address my remodel with a minimal style.

I have been aware of this lifestyle for about 4 years now, but I don’t think I really grasped the true meaning that it has for me until now. For me being a minimalist requires that I detach from my possessions, view them as something that I utilize to make my life pleasant.

Being in the group has enlightened my minimal journey by reading and discussing so many ideas that maybe I wouldn’t have thought about. It has also been an encouragment to let go. During the last few months, I have let go of so much more. At this point, I have already purged all of the obvious clutter, now I am down to items that I have hung onto forever. Including gifts, childhood memoribilia, and what if items.

The facebook group as also kept me focused on what I am doing and why. Before, I mainly went through the motions of decluttering, but now I realize that minimalism is so much more. It is a lot about being grateful for what I have and to stop chasing the wrong things in life.

Overall, I love being part of the group and how it has helped me, mainly by helping myself to by minimalistic journey.