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I was reading a post from Becoming Minimalist about the subject and was thinking about what minimalism really means to me.  What true minimalism means to me is not to have distracting objects–objects that cause irritation. It also means the ability to let go and not look back.

I have donated a lot of my stuff to charity, mainly, New Leash on Life Thrift and Architectual Salvage to help out the Franklin County Humane Society.  I have never regretted anything I gave them because I have the comfort of knowing that the revenues generated are going for a wonderful cause.

What I believe to be true minimalism is to not be attached to things, this to me is more important than the getting rid of things. If you purge and then regret it constantly, then the de-cluttering did not have worth.  Letting go of it and moving on is what I want for my minimalism.

To be free of the objects, clear of thought, to move onward.  To derive pleasure from the freedom.