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I have worked out regularly for about half my life. Wow, I didn’t realize that until I just wrote it…I’m getting old! OK, back to my post.  I’ve been working out a long time.  This year I have decided that I should meet my goals or make new ones.  My problem is that I never meet my potential.  I get sort of there, but then stop. My time and energy is being wasted on agonizing rather than doing….not efficient.

My goal is to get more muscle definition.  Actually, I am trying to defy gravity.

To help get motivated, I recently enrolled in a Hyperdrive class.  I need structure and thought this would help to jump start my committment to getting into the shape I desire. Next, I want to step up my cardio workouts which as of now only consist of lap swimming and walking my dogs.  I plan to start attending a Zumba class one day per week.  My other plan is to step up my weight training intensity.

Being committed to something means giving that goal focus.  After my first Hyperdrive class, our trainer, Trent Salo, gave us a thought for the day, it was “courage”. He meant the courage to make change.  Making changes is the only way to improve your life, without it, everything stays the same.  I thought, that is me!! He said that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same results.  I thought, I’ve been bench pressing the same weight for about 1 year.  My goal is to press my weight which will be an increase of 35 pounds.

Being committed to something takes some work, I will have to watch my diet more closely, make sure I am performing a 100% during my workouts, and record my progress. 

Goals need to be worthwhile for one to work hard for them.  I know that I will have more confidence and feel better if I put 100% of my efforts toward my goal!! 

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