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I recently wrote a post about adopting my beagle/chi mix Greenlee.  Well, I can’t let my Heidi Rebekah go without a post!!  So, here is her story.

Heidi is a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound, this is an american breed that started right here in the central bluegrass state.   These dogs can bring well up into the multiples of thousands of dollars or they can end up on death row, as did Heidi.

Heidi came to the pound as a stray who had been sprayed by a skunk!  The pound decided to use Heidi as a model for their temperament testing classes.  Heidi has a wonderful disposition that helped her to be able to “stay” awhile longer at this rural KY pound where hound dogs are considered “unadoptable”. 

Luckily, Heidi was such a looker and charmer she caught the attention of one of the volunteers…Rebecca.  Rebecca had been working with Heidi on some manners.  One day, Rebecca went to the pound and told the workers, ” I’m going to give Heidi her bath today.”  The reply, “Don’t bother, she ‘s going to the freezer tonight.”  Rebecca plainly stated, “The only place she is going is home with me!”.  Heidi was saved!!  The pound knew Heidi was a great dog , but space only permits so many spots and since Heidi wasn’t a popular type to be adopted and she had been there awhile, she fell onto the list.

Rebecca placed Heidi up for adoption through Willow Creek Sanctuary and was posted on Petfinder.  That’s where I saw her and decided to meet her.

.Heidi playing!

She spent 6 months in foster care until I adopted her.  During that time, Rebecca did an amazing job of training Heidi.  When I got her, she was crate , leash , and house trained, she would also sit, stay, and come.  She had been spayed, micro-chipped, gotten all shots, bathed, and nails trimmed.  She was sassy and ready to go!!! 

I have had Heidi for 5 years this week.  Coonhounds can be a challenge at times, their strong prey drive rules their entire being, but they are also loving and friendly.

If you are in the market for a pet, please try Petfinder there are many breeds, about 25% are purebreds if you desire a specific type of pet.  Many rescues are breed specific.

Rescues are a great addition to humane societies.  The benefit of rescue is that the animals actually live with a foster family, this makes it great to match up with potential adopters.  When I got Heidi, there were no surprises, I knew all about her.

Please consider adopting or donating to rescue groups, many times, they use their own personal funds for the maintenance of the animals, more money = more rescues!!

My dogs-- Heidi in the middle with the huge smile!!

My dogs– Heidi in the middle with the huge smile!!