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I finally got my pinch pleat draperies and Kvartal blinds put up over the holiday break.  Whew, I have put that one off forever!!  I try to avoid any type of work that requires drilling holes.  I got my daughter to help me with this task since it does require two people.  She did most of the work since she actually enjoys this type of thing.


I made these pinch pleat draperies and no I do not sew much.  I took a sewing class and made these, it can’t be hard if I can do it.  I have no natural sewing talents.  My teacher was very good, even though I did all of the work, she was a terrific guide.  There is no way I could have done this type of job without her help. 

 The class was 6 weeks of 3 hour classes.  I had to do much of the work at home because of the size of the draperies.  Since I hung them from the ceiling, they were long and quite cumbersome to handle. 

My inspiration for my living room with this photo in a magazine.


I love these colors and the print of the drapes, I think my fabric does a great job of simulating these draperies that were from the 1970’s.  I only with I had that view out of my front window!!  That table is to die for also!

I decided to use the IKEA Kvartal system for the blinds, I really like the clean lines and versatility of hanging them from the ceiling.

My daughter did a wonderful tutorial on the Kvartal blind system that we installed.  http://ex-scapes.com/2013/01/03/tutorial-ikea-kvartal-curtain-system/

Check it out if you are planning to install this system.  Any tidbits can really help.


My draperies took a lot of planning and work and I am happy with the way it all turned out.  Believe me, I had my fingers crossed when we hung the drapes, it was the first time I had seen them fully enough to see if they really were going to look professional.