Procrastination… to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done- as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary.

To stop procrastinating ranks at the top of my list of New Year’s resolutions each year!!  Mostly I procrastinate on projects that I find annoying or intimidating.

Once such project was putting up pantry shelves in my closet.  I remodeled my kitchen and decided to use a coat closet for my pantry.  Before any remodeling got started, I thought, I’ll  put up those shelves and have at least one project done.  Well, that was about 1 year ago, the shelves were put up this past weekend.

The project was easy.  I had already spent the time to plan what I needed to purchase, what tools were needed, and what type of shelving I wanted.  I had even researched about different types of shelving to make sure I got the right type.

Not including my research and several trips to the store to look at shelving, the project took around 30 minutes.  I finally made the decision to get the shelving done when I wanted to do some cooking for Thanksgiving.

I called my daughter to come over for moral support.  Actually, she ended up doing most of the work.

I had the closet ready to go.

First, we planned where to start the horizontal bar.  Then, she marked the screw holes and then drilled the holes for the screws. She had a electric screwdriver which made the job a lot easier.  My closet has wood walls, so finding the studs wasn’t an issue.

Second, she placed the verticle tracks, marked the holes, drilled, screwed in the screws, and it was done!!!!!

All I had to do was to put in the arms to hold the shelves and stock it.

Stocked and ready to go.

In that case, not procrastinating would have made my life easier, I spent a lot of time looking at my “stuff” and wishing I had the pantry done so I could put it away.  The anxiety that I spent not having the shelves was worse than the job to put up the shelves.

In some cases, procrastination has been a good thing. I procrastinated on getting rid of the closet shelving from my bedroom closet.  Turned out that the shelves were the perfect size for the pantry.  What a deal!!  Now I didn’t have to spend more money, repurposed what I had, and didn’t have to go to the store and have shelves cut to fit.  In this case, I was happy to procrastinate!

Maybe I like to call myself a thinker rather than a procrastinator!!

What projects have your procrastinated on???