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I have decided to take the Reverse 100 Items Challenge as proposed on the Be More with Less blog.  The idea is to get rid of 100 items by December 15th, 2012.  Since I have been remodeling this was an easy task for me. My new look is to be minimalistic,  so I have been purging for sometime.  I had packed up everything to have my floors refinished 9 months ago so now I am in the process of unpacking and placing it.  This is a great time for more purging.

Most of the obvious clutter was donated when I had to pack up everything to get my floors done.  Now, it’s down to the “hard to part with stuff”.  Stuff I’ve had a long time, gifts, and memory inducing items.

As I worked, I was getting frustrated at what to do with the items.  I thought, these items are costing me an entire weekend of my precious time, causing frustration of where to put them, and a loss of how much I could sell them for, or better yet, a loss of money for a charity.

I was able to come up with many items that I was willing to part, over 100 is my guess,  I wasn’t sure if a set of china is one set or thirty pieces??  No matter, I’m well over 100 either way.

100 items and counting……….

As I collected the items into one space for the picture, I realized at how much space it all took, my house is small, so all space is cherished. One small closet only contained vintage clothing which I am donating. That space is now a kitchen pantry.

It took me about a week to figure out the best home for the items.  Most of it went to New Leash on Life Thrift and Architectural Salvage.  It is a store that donates all of the profits to the local animal shelter.  I like to support animal shelters because one, I love animals and two, I feel they get the least attention as far as charities go.

Purging gives a euphoria, I feel so much better right after I drop it off.  Whew…….that is done, now I have space!!

I have found that it is hard to store items. No matter how carefully done, the item never retains it’s state. It will deteriorate so why not let it go while still useable??

This is a great challenge and motivator to get rid of clutter.  I only wish I had gotten rid of more before I remodeled, the cost of keeping it has been a lot of my time and energy better spent elsewhere.