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I spent all summer working on my house painting, cleaning, de-cluttering.  I had all of my hardwood floors refinished, so I had to move everything I own out!! This was my opportunity to get everything it top shape while the house we clear.

Since “all items” included all of my appliances and kitchen wares, it was hard to prepare meals.  Mostly, I ate prepared foods or sometimes, just skipped it.

One Saturday I got up and started right in on painting.  Around 3ish, I was really hungry.  I thought, what could I get that would be good, that would last for at least 2 meals and not have to be heated or refrigerated.  The answer:  PIZZA!! Loaded with carbs pizza!!

My veggie pizza!!

I called and ordered it.  I looked like a mess when I picked it up with paint in my hair and all over my clothing, but I was hungry!!

After arriving home, I put the pizza down on the dresser that was stored in the garage.  My orange kitty, Josie,  was there to greet me, I told her, let’s have lunch.  She seemed pleased.

I went and opened an Ale-8-1, a local drink, and opened up the pizza box.  Josie jumped up on the vanity next to the dresser so I spread some of her kibble onto the vanity, she likes to eat this way.  Since she is now 16, Josie gets what Josie wants.

Josie contemplating her kibble

She smelled the kibble, but the smell of that pizza was too overpowering.  She came over to smell the pizza.  I am a vegetarian, so there wasn’t any pepperoni for her. Since cats are carnivores, I felt badly.  However, she still seemed interested.  I allowed her to smell around a bit, as I mentioned, she is 16.  I pulled off some cheese for her and she was happy!!!

Smells good, but where’s the beef!!

What a nice lunch with a great friend.  My Josie came up to my mother’s house 16 years ago next month as a  stray the very day I moved into my house.  I had wanted a cat when I bought a house, so Josie was welcome.  She does great, but has arthritis as we all do as we get older.

So, if a little stray comes up needing a nice meal, you could be meeting a great friend!