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A few months ago I decided to try EBAY to sell items that I no longer want. So far, I’ve sold everything that I have posted. If you already have a PayPal account it is easy to get started. EBAY guides you through everything and lets you know what the post will cost. Most of the posting can be free if you go simple and then you pay a percentage of the total sale including the postage. There is also a PayPal fee on top of that. Keep the fees in mind when you are pricing.

The items I choose for EBAY are items that are easy to mail and desirable. Most things I want to eliminate from my home, I donate. Occasionally, I want to get back some of the money that I spent on some of my things. If you would rather donate, you can still do that by selling.  There is a place where you can donate part of the profit to an organization of your choice. Charities often need money more than the thrift items they receive. My charity choices are typically animal rescues. Some of the small or rural areas don’t get much in the form of support and can really use the funds.

I started out with my first auctions for $0.99 cents, I was given this advice so I tried it. My experience is that if it’s an item that will get a lot of attention, it is worth doing, but if it’s an item that might only get one or two bids, it’s not a good idea. I typically only sell items that I really don’t want and am not out to make a profit, I only want to re-home the item and get a little back for it. Selling serves several purposes, I eliminate some clutter, make someone else happy with a great deal, help out a charity, and give the USPS, EBAY, and PayPal some business. It is a win win!!

Now, I start my bids at a little less than I would like to get for the item and that has worked best for me. Typically, you can see how many “watchers” there are on an item and know that you will get at least one bid if you get at least a couple of them.

Typically, I will post only about 4 items at one time. I like to post on Wednesdays and let the auction run for 7 days. This way you get the bored office workers during the week and then the weekend shoppers. It also gives a couple of days for them to pay before the weekend so that shipping if faster.

Postage can be tricky, sometimes it can be surprising at how much it costs. After getting a little experience, it becomes easier. I usually end up paying more for the postage than I charge. Sometimes, it works out about at the right amount. Since they charge by distance, it is hard to get it down to an exact science. If you choose priority, it will be one price, but it is usually a little higher fee. Sometimes, I will send that way because at times it is about the same price and it does move faster.

Taking a nice picture typically helps. You can post several pictures, but I usually only do one because it is free. If someone wants additional information or pictures, (s)he can email you and then you can send it.

My descriptions are detailed, I like to make sure the person knows all about the item. If there is a flaw, no matter how slight, I note it. Getting bad feedback can kill your EBAY sales.  If you have more than one auction, this is a good place to mention them, especially if they are similar type items.

So far, I have had a wonderful experience with EBAY selling. It is fun to watch the items and the bidding.

What advice/experiences you have had with EBAY?