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I have always wanted to learn to sew and admired people that can.  Why haven’t I started sewing?  Lazy!! Lack of knowledge, fear of failure, having to actually think!  Most likely all of these, plus a few more that I can’t think of at the moment.  If I had been sewing in all of the time I have spent considering it, I would be making clothes for royalty by now.

I sewed in 4-H when I was a kid, if I had stayed with it, think of how good I would be, but no, I spent a good deal of my time reading rock magazines that I am now selling of Etsy!  That was a great investment of my time—NOT.

I did take a sewing class along with my daughter a few years ago, but for some reason, couldn’t really catch on, it seemed that I spent most of my time asking my daughter, “what are we doing?”, “what did she say?”!!  The structure of the class might not have been condusive to a complete novice.  I’ll think that anyway.

I love going into fabric stores and seeing all of the beautiful fabrics and dream about the beautiful projects I could make with it.  I rummage through Etsy pages, sewing blogs, etc. and wish that I could make these beautiful items, sell them, and make a living while having fun being creative and running my own business.  But no, I sit here in my office everyday wishing and wishing, looking and looking. Then, I go home, channel surf from boredom, and not sewing.

I finally saw an advertisment for a sewing class at a local fabric store within a 10 minute walk from my house!! What am I waiting for?  This is it, my opportunity to learn a skill that I have always wanted.  Maybe a class would give me motivation.  It’s close so I don’t have a lot of excuses not to go.

I signed up, waited, but there was not enough interest so the class was cancelled.  Ugghhh!!  My luck…..but, another class was to be offered in a couple of months.  Patiently I waited, signed up again, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, enough people, the class will happen.  The class was 2 nights per week for 3 hours per night for a total of 5 classes or 15 hours of instruction.  Not too expensive at $109.00, so I’m there.

I read to be an expert at something you must do it for about 10,000 hours.  At my age, I’ll never be an expert at sewing or anything else for that matter because physically I probably won’t be able to do anything long enough to get that many hours.  Oh well, maybe I’ll be good enough to put together a few projects of my own before my body rebels.

The class curriculum consists of all levels, projects.  We can bring in our own projects and get individual instruction.   There is a minimum of 3 for the class and about 6 max.  A pretty good ratio for teacher/student.

Since I am on a mininalist click and decluttering, I found 5 brand new pairs of pants that needed to be hemmed. These would be my project.  I figured it would be enough to get me through the class course.

These pants were in my pile of discard or fix items.  I have had these pants for 1-2 years and actually needed to add them to my wardrobe. The pants I had been wearing were faded and worn and I had 5 new pairs hanging there!!  That is really stupid.  Ok, it’s use or lose them and keep wearing the same 2 pairs of faded, worn out pants.

Actually, this was a great first time project.  No patterns to cut, practical knowledge, and hey if I get canned at work, I could always hem pants for $15 bucks a pop.

I had purchased a beginner sewing machine about 6 months prior in hopes of learning to sew on my own which never happened, but it was great having it ready to go.   The notions go 50% off a lot, so it is good to watch for the sales and get the tools that you need.

I took my 5 pairs of pants to class.  I had an assortment of pants:  1 jean, 1 denim dressy, 2 dressy, and 1 dressy with lining. This was great because I could learn several types of hems with this batch.

First, I hemmed the dressy denim pants that were just a regular type hemming.  These were the easiest.  I just turned under the edge about 1 1/2 inches, cut off the excess and sewed around the edges.  Great, one down!!

Second, the teacher, Alyssa, showed my how to hem jeans without cutting off the original jean edge, this was so awesome because let’s face it, jeans look really uncool with a turned up edge.

The third pair were wool pants with a lining.  First I hemmed the pants and then the lining. These were a little trickier since they were  nice and wanted to hem them without the stitching showing.  We hemmed these with a blind hem.  This is a wonderful hem that I never knew about. My machine had a blind hem foot which was nice because they sell for about $20 and I only paid $90 for the entire machine.

Then I hemmed the lining which was done with a regular hem, it was only difficult because the fabric was slick.  Actually, after all of the hemming, I was trying them on to see the length and decided these pants really didn’t look very well on me, so they went to the consignment pile!!  Whomever, buys them will be happy if they are 5′ 4″!!

The last 3 pairs were done with a blind hem also, they had no lining so they were all easy once I caught onto the method.

I am so happy to have 4 new pairs of pants to wear and one to sell, I wear them all of the time. I donated the 2 pair I had been wearing went to the Goodwill.  I accomplished 2 goals, uncluttered my closet and learned a skill!

I probably could have paid to have the pants altered for the cost of the class, but I have learned a new skill that was worth something. The class also offered me some sence of worth that I can do something well and it gave me motivation to keep sewing!!  Money well spent.

What hobbies would you like to do, but lack the motivation to get started??